Senior Incredible Designer

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in a nutshell…

Job ads are generally pretty crap aren’t they? They never really tell you much about the role or what’s really on offer. This one is probably no exception, but to try and buck the trend, we thought we’d tell it how it is and just see what we get back.

We’re looking for seriously talented graphic designers who can draw, tell a story, make a full working model of the Brooklyn bridge out of paper napkins and who loves design, typography and colour more than life itself.

Are you someone who consumes life at 10,000 miles per hour? Do you love language, art, music, illustration, photography, books, old record collections, dusty libraries, stuffed animals, beer bottle tops, airline safety cards, Tim Walker, eating things you’ve never tried before, that little old shop in East Anglia that only sells chess sets made from recycled Coke cans, blogs about brands with names that pun, yarn bombing, paper cuts of Che Guevara, living art drawn only in moss on old church walls and those photos that make real life look like tiny train sets. Is that too much to ask? If not, read on!

When it comes to perfection, would you rather offer yourself up for a life of damnation than see a widow or orphan go to print? Do you believe that everything in life, without exception, should be beautiful and considered? And finally, are you prepared to work relentlessly, night and day for a company that believes in going over the top on every project it ever takes on?

Yes? Great! You’re half way to a new career at big fish. Now for the sensible bit.

So, what does your day look like?

Well, to start with, food and drink is very, very important to us. We’ve branded the best, which means we get a lot of freebies.

Breakfast – A cup of Clipper Tea in a Cornishware mug with Yeo Valley milk, Dorset Cereals all branded (and some owned) by us!

Elevenses – A glass of Lime & Lemongrass Belvoir cordial, some Tyrrells or maybe some Yeo Valley Yeogurt?

Lunch – Bighams pies and Cherry Good

Teatime – Fudge’s biscuits, Gü, whatever takes your fancy

6pm – it’s Sipsmith time! Gin, Vodka, Summer Cup? we still need to brand a tonic come to think of it.

Home to a night in front of the telly on your sofa listening to Mark Knopfler’s latest album or perhaps a new discovery from WOMAD.

Still fancy joining us on our journey into the unknown? read on…

What about the work you’ll be doing?

Using a big layout pad, over-sized post-it notes and a lot of Sharpie pens you’ll be scribbling ideas and brainstorming lots with our writers and planners. You’ll be researching online and offline in the high street. You’ll be shooting stuff in our photo studio, building models out of paper, card and glue, painting, drawing, filming, recording and generally enjoying the life of a designer who has everything they could ever want to help them create amazing work.

You’ll also need to be super Mac literate and treat your laptop and software as it if was an extension of your body. We like to combine the old and the new and keep our work lively, fast and fresh.

Honestly? We have no idea who we’re looking for really. We just want to meet incredible talent and find our kindred spirit to help us do great work.

What are our deal breakers?

Minimum of 5-7 years’ experience to enjoy this role. If you don’t know your way around Illustrator and Photoshop life will be tricky or possibly unbearable. First and foremost, we’re after someone who isn’t afraid of being selective and turning long-winded briefs into succinct and perfectly formed ideas.

We’d love you to…

  • love typography
  • be obsessed with colour
  • turn complex into simple
  • live and breathe all things ‘design’.
  • know your way around the Mac & Illustrator
  • be able to draw and communicate ideas quickly
  • know your print and love books, magazines and blogs
  • be well read and highly knowledgeable on matters of design and marketing

How much?

We like paying people, honestly we do, so you tell us what you cost and we’ll see if our pockets are deep enough.

So, there we have it, the world’s greatest job for a design-obsessed, graphic designer/art director type person who loves nothing more than burying themselves in solving problems and turning the mundane into deliciously delightful things that are fit for a king who likes delightful things, so why not click here and change your life?

Click here to apply online if you’re interested >