Junior Copywriter

In brief:

We’re after someone who will write their way into Big Fish history. In a studio. In Chelsea. On the river.

The gist:

You want to earn, learn and have fun. Your writing skills will help you achieve all three.

Emails, press ads, brand stories and narratives are all yours. You’ll be expected to weave your word magic in squished spaces and over longer, engaging paragraphs. From entire websites to witty one-liners on pack fronts, your copywriting skills will be stretched in every possible medium.

You’ll be as valued for your ideas as your written skills, helping create and position brands out in the real – and highly commercial – world. Our clients include the likes of Dorset Cereals, Yeo Valley, Charlie Bigham’s, Clipper Teas and many more. We’re launching shiny, new and highly ambitious brands all the time.

Big Fish

We’re a privately-owned brand consultancy, with a 24-year history, a number of distinguished clients and many proud achievements behind us. It’s all about the future now.


You’re a fluent, compelling writer. You can spot, and nail, varied tones of voice. You relish solving problems. You’re a stickler for punctuation, proofing and precision. You love design, art, expression, good food and conversation. You are taken with the idea of renting space in people’s brains, persuading them to purchase products you love. You like your fellow man, woman and, especially, writers and designers.


We always start by asking – what sort of salary are you looking for? You tell us what you’re likely to cost and we’ll tell you if our pockets are deep enough.

So what next?

We’re excited to see what you can do. Please include a document with some of your writing together with your application from, which you’ll find here:

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