Creative Design Director

The role…

We’re looking for an incredible person to work in parallel with Perry and Will who are the two other Creative Directors. They each work completely independently from one another. Owing to demand, we need a “third lane” to allow us to grow and work with more clients. As a Creative Director at big fish your role will be to lead a project from initial consultation through to final execution. We are looking for someone with a design background who will bring years of experience, flair and creativity to the party to continue the great work we’ve been doing over the last 24 years. We don’t believe in hierarchies and egos. Instead, we like to work in small teams where everyone is responsible and accountable for doing the work. So, when it comes to managing people, your sleeves will need to be as rolled up as theirs and your pencil will need to be the sharpest in the box!


If you call yourself a creative that’s probably a good start. However, if you’ve actually delivered some successful brand transformations over your career then you’re almost home and dry. We’re looking for someone who really knows what it’s like to sit in front of a client who isn’t sure about an idea and who can convince them to do the right thing. You will almost certainly have trained as a designer or art director and have plenty of stories to tell. You will probably be a bit of a nutter in some shape or form and will undoubtedly be happiest presenting and post-rationalising the work you do.

What would we need from you on a daily basis?

You’d be meeting clients and prospective clients to discuss and identify their problems. You’d be working closely with the design and words teams on coming up with solutions. You’d be running around before presentations ensuring the work is world class. You’d be presenting work to clients and ensuring they understand why it’s right for them. We work with entrepreneurs as well as established brands so you’d be dealing with a range of different levels of experience, which can be challenging. You’ll also need to work collaboratively with your colleagues and keep them motivated through the agony and ecstasy of creating extraordinary work.

We’d need you to plan and attend meetings with senior client teams, and to help facilitate creative workshops with bags of energy and creative savoir faire! There’s a serious commercial responsibility to deliver everything we do effectively, creatively and enjoyably. Our reputation is built around creating commercial successes by being single-mindedly creative and not simply giving clients what they think they ask for!

Must haves…

  • • Design experience in branding, packaging and communication
  • • Experience working on international clients
  • • Strong strategic creative thinking
  • • You must be able to draw and communicate your ideas live

How much?

We believe in paying people properly. That’s why we choose not to publish salaries. Instead we ask you what you’d like to be paid and if we can afford you we say yes. (That’s presuming you like us of course!).

If you can tick all these boxes (and more), please apply online here >