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Films about us

We often get asked to do interviews, appear in TV shows and do talks. Here are some of the films we feature in or where our work has been talked about.

Thomas J Fudge’s

Fudges asked us to rebrand their business at the end of 2012. A Dorset-based family bakery for almost 100 years, their biscuits and nibbles had a loyal following. However, the market had grown hugely since they started out, and there was an awful lot of competition from supermarket own brands. The family Fudge – Sue, Steve and Graham – felt their boxes were no longer standing out on shelf. They were also concerned that consumers found the name ‘Fudges’ confusing – assuming Fudges were makers of fudge, rather than bakers... Read The Rest →

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Dorset Cereals

Langholm Capital approached us before acquiring the business and asked us what we thought of Dorset Cereals. We loved the cereal but the packaging was invisible and made the product look more at home in a pet store than the top shelves of Waitrose’s breakfast cereals. We rebranded Dorset Cereals in 2005 and have been retained by them ever since. Apart from the rebrand and packaging, we created a fabulous website with sales promotions, online games and competitions which have helped Dorset Cereals keep their consumers royally entertained over the years.... Read The Rest →


CEO of Tyrrells David Milner asked us to work with him on the branding and marketing in 2010 following the acquisition by Langholm Capital. The brand had been built on the back of its positioning as the “farm crisp”. However, a number of competitors had mimicked their identity leaving it vulnerable. We started by amplifying the fact that they were English. We changed the word “chip” to “crisp” and got rid of any Americanisms. When it came to the quality of their products, it was this statement that summed it up for us. “If... Read The Rest →


Kallo make delicious, natural, healthy alternatives to things like cakes, biscuits, bread and even stock cubes. They just had one problem – their packaging was rather cold and lacked any emotion whatsoever and didn’t reflect their true identity. We carried out some extensive research and discovered that Kallo consumers were intelligent people who like to be in control of what they eat. However, the old packaging made them feel like they were people who had “special needs” rather than foodies who are free to enjoy natural nibbles. So, we re-positioned... Read The Rest →

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We’re big fans of Cornwall and even bigger fans of their clotted cream, which is why we threatened to shoot puppies if we didn’t get the job to rebrand them. Rodda’s is a family business that dates back to 1890 and is still run by the family today. They make incredible clotted cream and are a symbol of Cornwall known mainly to tourists and locals. Our mission was to help them get the brand out of the county and commanding the premium it deserved.

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Gü Puds

When Jim Averdieck approached us in 2005 with an idea for a premium desserts business that he was going to call “The Belgium Chocolate Company”, we told him it sounded like something targeted at grannies who smelt of pee and lavender talc! Thankfully, he had a sense of humour and agreed with us. We went on to create an extraordinary success story together thanks to his confidence and open-mindedness as a client. We came up with the name Gü and developed a positioning around the idea that these were “puds... Read The Rest →

Whole Earth

Whole Earth Foods came to us in 2013 with a problem: they had a brand with a fabulous back-story and a host of scrumptious products of the highest quality –including a range of peanut butters with a loyal following among foodies and health nuts alike. But their packaging was emotionless, and didn’t in any way reflect the company’s super history, or the loveliness of what was hidden inside its boxes and jars. Our challenge was to help more discerning nut-lovers discover the brand by creating beautiful, inviting packaging with bags... Read The Rest →


We were introduced to the most incredible wild Alaskan salmon and wanted to create a brand that was sure to do it justice. The brief for Leap was all about simplicity, sustainability and letting the salmon speak for itself, so we created a beautifully pared-back design that was both wild and elegant at the same time, and gave it a name that evoked the energy and spirit of these incredible, free-swimming fish. This was about getting people to stop and think about the fish they eat, helping them to appreciate... Read The Rest →

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We met the guys at Sipsmith before they had even started the business. Sam and Fairfax came to us with an idea, and we helped them to develop it into the now-famous brand you see today. They were opening the first copper pot distillery in London since 1820, so we put Prudence, their beautiful, swan neck copper still at the heart of the design, and branded them “independent spirits”, because that’s exactly what they are! We also worked with them to create their Sipping Society – delivering their most extraordinary... Read The Rest →

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