Big Fish on BBC High St Dreams

You may have seen Perry on the prime time BBC series “High Street Dreams” which was hosted by Jo Malone and Nick Leslau. We were asked by the BBC to brand Beryl’s knitwear business. Our advice was to position it at the premium end of the market and came up with “Knitted by the Nation”. It focussed on the core essence of her brand because Beryl produces high end merino wool fashion accessories, which she has knitted for her by grannies and knitting clubs all around Britain. We setup and ran a fashion shoot in Dorset to showcase her products and packaged the range as if they were over-sized balls of wool. The packaging allowed the items to be merchandised effectively whilst still allowing people to touch and feel the wondefully soft texture of her products.

Here’s a clip from the show which went out in April on BBC One and some photos of the mocked up packaging and supporting literature.

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