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We are proud to be working with Ecotone who are the first European food company to be fully B Corp certified. They also became an ‘enterprise à mission’ (according to French law, PACTE).

We already work with many of their stable of brands, including Clipper Teas, Tartex, Whole Earth and Kallo and were approached this year to work on their overall brand mission, providing climate considerate brand strategy and marketing advice.

Our overall objective has been to help Ecotone ‘plant’ their new mission, ‘Food for Biodiversity’, at the heart of the Ecotone brand, bringing to life their manifesto more impactfully and consistently.

Our deliverables include an enhanced corporate communications strategy, a core content strategy with the biodiversity narrative, assets, and editorial themes, planned in ‘chapters’ for content for website & Linkedin.

We are also delivering an improved website in terms of content, tone of voice and design, and a metrics dashboard for measuring CSR impact.