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Do you do a project without looking at the branding first?

We always start by clarifying the brand proposition, so the answer is probably no. That said, we do occasionally consult on a specific problem that might be focused around a specific design or marketing issue, however, we usually find that we end up asking lots of questions which take us back to the brand.

Why do you guys charge like a wounded rhino?

We’re great believers in the phrase “if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth charging lots of money for”. Each and every project we take on will be allocated a dedicated team that comprises any number of individuals including an account manager and/or project manager, senior designer, junior designer, copywriter and production specialist.

We will also use our team of specialists who will move around projects as and when they are needed. This could include photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, marketing and sales promotional experts and social media specialists to name a few. Added to this long list of well-paid individuals we also have our own fully equipped digital team who design, build and support all the websites and digital work we do. So, as you can see, our work requires plenty of moolah to ensure it’s effective and utterly lovely.

Do you take stakes in the clients you work with?

We believe in putting our money where our mouths are. To this end, we have been known to share risk with clients who are happy to sacrifice some equity in place of fees. Over the years we have invested in clients such as sofa.com, Howdah?, T.G.Green & Cornishware, Biscuiteers, The Chesil Smokery, Boden, Hüüg, Katherine Hooker, Pooky and Freddies Flowers. We are always interested in looking at new potential projects. However, our main areas of interest when it comes to investment are direct businesses that we can add value to as commercially savvy brand, design and marketing experts. Worth remembering though that risk does actually mean risk … which means that not everything we touch turns to gold … so “caveat emptor!”