Freelance Talent

What are we after?

We’re looking for some seriously talented freelancers in any field to add to to our roster of official big fish associates. We may not have a project for you immediately, but we are always busy and need a bank of incredible people to call on when the time is right.

How do you know you’re the right person?

If you believe that climate change needs to be a thing of the past, are a leader in your chosen field and want to help us reverse climate change then get in touch!by working with businesses that are a force for good then get in touch!

What are our deal breakers?

We look at four things when hiring people; chemistry, capability, availability and affordability. You’ll need to tick all four boxes and be able to work remotely, speak fluent English, demonstrate that you are wonderful to work with and most of all, are eager to join our band of big fish associates.

How much?

We like paying people, honestly we do, so you tell us what you cost and we’ll see if our pockets are deep enough.

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