Simon Gore

Simon is managing director of big fish.

Having admired this uniquely effective consultancy for years, mainly as a jealous adversary, Simon spotted Perry’s Linkedin post, announcing that, after 27 years, big fish were looking for their first MD. Always one for a challenge, Simon joined big fish in September 2020, wrestling the management reins from Perry, and adding his considerable strategic horsepower to our client work from his 34 years’ experience on the client, agency and consultancy sides of brand marketing and innovation.

Simon combines strategic rigour with creative verve, with his superpowers in listening, playing back the truth, communication and diplomacy. He’s a skilled facilitator of all manner of meetings, has an exceptional memory which fuels strong and lasting client relationships, and is dangerously addicted to name generation (he counts Hovis Best of Both and Zolotaya Botchka, a leading Russian beer, as his two major triumphs).

Having studied at Cambridge, Simon learnt his marketing skills at Scottish & Newcastle Breweries and Paramount Pictures, before joining the marketing agency, The Added Value Company in 1994. He has since worked with some of the best consultancies in and around London, including Tangible Branding, Lewis Moberly, Pimento and the brandgym.

Growing up on the west coast of Scotland, the son of a fiddle-playing cartoonist copy-writer and a brilliant gardening cook, Simon’s appetite for food and drink, and life and laughter, is boundless. He brings his unique energy and positivity to everything that big fish does, always encouraging the force for good agenda. You can follow Simon on LinkedIn.