Fancy applying for
a job at big fish?

We’re lucky to be incredibly busy. In fact, we’re growing more quickly than ever before. So, we are currently looking for the following people to join our wonderful team.

A few things you should know before applying:

  • Our motto is ‘earn, learn and have fun’*
  • We believe people work ‘with’ not ‘for’ big fish
  • We’re obsessives, so you need to be too
  • We like people who do stuff rather than talk
  • Everyone is creative, even our accountants!

Practical things you need to know:

  • Monday-Friday 9:30am-6pm
  • We’ve never worked between Christmas and New Year in 25 years!
  • In 2021 we’re closing the company for a week in the summer to give everyone a well earned break!
  • We behave like one big happy “family”
  • Students and work placements
  • We run a work experience programme
  • We’re massively oversubscribed
  • The scheme is exclusively for graduates
  • Placements are usually for one or two weeks
  • It won’t necessarily get you a job with us

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Marketing Manager

Account Directors


Account Managers


Brand Copywriter

Creative Director – A.K.A. A Unicorn

Design Director


Freelance Talent


Senior Designer

Internships & Work Placements

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* We stole our motto off the lovely Adam Morgan – sorry Adam.