Account Managers

You love, love, love the brands we work with. You drink Clipper Tea, you eat Dorset Cereals, you bathe in Yeo Valley milk. But, most importantly, you can’t wait to work with the most creative, open-minded clients on the planet – nice people who trust you and your team to come up with some cracking ideas on a daily basis.

You’re so bright your doctor’s prescribed you a dimmer switch. You’re so able to multitask, you’re reading this whilst unicycling. You’re so self-motivated, you’ve already applied for the job and you haven’t even read the description yet. You’re as discreet as a diplomat, deadlines are a doddle and detail’s in your DNA. With tact in one hand and organisation in the other, you spin plates to circus-level standards – and you understand why a job description like this should be fun to read.

We work with some of the best brands in the world and we expect all the people who work with us to consider themselves as ‘creatives’ and demonstrate superhuman powers. You’ll be showing off your ability to complete complex tasks and projects quickly with virtually no guidance by reacting with appropriate urgency to situations that require a quick turnaround. Sound fun? Sound challenging? Want to bake cakes for the team each morning? Great!

What do our account managers actually do at big fish?

The mantra at big fish is ‘earn, learn and have fun’ – you’ll be doing lots of learning and if it isn’t fun then something’s not right. Our Account Managers look after us and our clients to ensure we all deliver our promises. Sometimes, they need to give people a little reminder, a push or even a nudge with the tact and diplomacy of Kofi Annan. They put together proposals, estimates, specifications, schedules and briefs. Occasionally they turn their hand to a bit of planning, research and creative brainstorming. It’s even been reported that they’ve been seen wielding a scalpel, branding a burnisher and making a mockup or two.

You will need…

• at least 3 years’ experience in a busy studio environment
• experience of consumer-facing brand strategy work
• a working knowledge of packaging and print processes
• to be well versed in the digital environment
• to be comfortable taking responsibility for quality control
• to be able to prioritise and own your own workload
• to keep the work on brief, as well as on schedule
• equally strong literacy, numeracy and administrative skills
• to be a whizz at spreadsheets
• to have excellent organisational skills
• good creative judgement
• to be comfortable leading meetings and selling in creative work
• to have an inquisitive nature and open mind
• to have lots of common sense
• the ability to inspire and excite colleagues
• to live the brands we work with
• to love working with people who will treat you like family

How much?

We always start by asking you – what sort of a salary are you looking for? You tell us what you’re likely to cost and we’ll tell you if our pockets are deep enough.

What next?

If we like the cut of your jib, your CV and the things people say about you we’ll invite you over for a cup of tea. We’ll just give you a tour of our place and tell you about us. Then we’ll have a chat and ask you to keep us entertained with stories for as long as you or we can bear. At some point we’ll put you in front of “The Bishop” (that’s our nickname for our HR chap). If that goes well, we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

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