Brand Copywriter

in a nutshell…

We’re looking for a talented wordsmith to join our studio. You’ll need plenty of experience and a brain to match.

on a daily basis…

From brand positioning work right through to the nitty gritty, you’ll be part of a small team consulting for challenger brands, helping them find their niche and their voice.

You’ll have complete ownership over your work, flexing your writerly muscles on everything from witty one-liners through to entire websites, emailers, press ads, point-of-sale bits and bobs, naming brands and products, and getting stuck into a fair bit of packaging as well. That means you’ll be comfortable not just directing tone of voice, but putting strategy and ideas into words, too.

about you…

The way you think is as important as your way with words. You’re a language lover who can help brands and businesses speak to consumers in a fun, engaging way. From pun punditry to witty wordplay, it’s about renting space in people’s brains, starting a conversation with them and making their lives infinitely more rewarding.

You’ll have a strategic mind that’s bursting with creative ideas and knows how to articulate them. Getting to the nub of a problem, knowing how people’s minds work and coming up with the answers to the exam question – it’s all in a day’s work for you. From packaging to presentations, cereal to china, you’ll have circus-level plate-spinning skills and be able to turn on a sixpence when it comes to switching between brands’ voices.

With superhuman proofing powers, you’ll be a stickler for punctuation and precision – and you’ll be as comfortable distilling an idea down into a few choice words as you are over a few pages. You’ll be great at thinking out loud in the company of others, unpicking knotty problems on behalf of our clients and putting on a number of hats: from the fanatical grammatical to the character creator, you’ll take them all in your stride.

It’s even more helpful if you’re a foodie (in fact, it’s kind of a must), a brainiac and a culture vulture. Working closely with designers and strategists, you’ll be thinking and creating on your feet every single day, so an unflappable spirit and a good sense of humour will stand you in very good stead. We take our work seriously and our fun even more so – and we hope you do, too.

about us

We believe that business should be a force for good. We help brands that are big enough to make a difference to start, transform and grow. Occasionally we even share risk with our clients and become partners. Over the last 25 years we’ve established very few rules, other than: only ever work with businesses that are a force for good and whose products we’d consume ourselves, do as we’d be done by, and enjoy every moment. We believe in working with like-minded people who get us, want to help and who have the skills and experience to make a difference. In short, coming to work every morning should be a joy.

how much?

Tell us what you’re likely to cost and we’ll tell you if our pockets are deep enough!

what next?

We want to see what you can do, so follow the breadcrumbs, tell us a bit about you and, most importantly, show us some examples of your work. If we like the cut of your jib, your CV and the things people say about you we’ll invite you over for a cup of tea. We’ll just give you a tour of the place and tell you about us. Then we’ll have a chat and ask you to keep us entertained with stories for as long as you or we can bear.

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